Group Class Schedule

08:00AM - 09:00AM Power Yoga (Advanced) Power Yoga (Advanced)
08:30AM - 09:30AM Hatha Flow (Intermediate) Hatha Flow (Intermediate) Power Yoga
09:00AM - 10:00AM Hatha Flow (Intermediate)
11:00AM - 12:00PM
05:00PM - 06:00PM
06:00PM - 07:00PM
07:00PM - 08:00PM
* Private Instructions are available for both private one-on-one session and for corporate groups.
Power Yoga

A very dynamic and powerful form, Power Yoga is for those leading an active lifestyle and seeks an equally challenging workout. Or for those who seeks a more physical challenge to their yoga practice. With regularity and consistency, Power Yoga is one way to lose weight and wonderful for staying toned and in shape.
A challenging practice where one flow from pose to pose while directed by the ujjayi breath. With physical awareness of alignment and breath, and in that special holding place between pose to pose, where blissfulness takes form, one understands, transform and be that ‘meditation through action’.
Recommended for those who’s been practicing a more demanding form of yoga for at least 3 years or more.

Hatha Flow Yoga

A practice where poses flow from one to another with special attention to the breath and alignment. Your Hatha Flow Yoga practice can be either challenging or relaxing.
Recommended for those with at least one or two years of experience and those who wish to take their practice of Hatha Yoga a little further. Hatha Flow Yoga is a good springboard into other more challenging styles of yoga.

Hatha Yoga

For newbies, beginners, first-timers  with no experience in yoga.  This class introduces you gently and slowly into yoga,  demystifying all the hype and misconceptions  surrounding yoga.   It  focusses on the breath, body awareness and alignment of each and every pose.  And teaches you how to listen to your body to go at your own pace and to do what you can, what the body allows you to do.

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