The Instructor

Silvia Sim is founding director, and Principal Yogi Master at YogaCraze. With 20 years extensive continued education and training experience in Ashtanga Yoga & Hatha Yoga, in the United States and Asia, Silvia is now a pioneer and highly recognized Yogi Master in many modalities of Yoga, Energy Flow, Nutrition, and Mind/Body wellness. Since Silvia founded YogaCraze in 1998, her client base and influence in New Age Energy Modalities has continued to grow worldwide. Her studio in Damansara Heights, Kuala Lampur, is a highly sought after safe haven for both new and advanced yoga clients. Her intuitive compassionate attention to total client success, is one of the reasons, YogaCraze, is so highly recommended, but also because of her breadth and depth of knowledge and experience she brings to each client.
Silvia’s Notable CV Highlights:
• Yoga Teacher Certification as well as Yoga Therapist Certification
• Silver Medalist in the 1st Asean Yoga Competition in Thailand, 2011
• Yogi Coach for Royal Family, and Several International Dignitaries
• 20yrs experience in Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga
• 10yrs experience in Chi Nei Tseng, Tai, Chi, and Qi Gong modalities
• Solid Knowledge of Nutrition. Natural Healing, and Holistic Eastern/Western Best Practices
• Highly Intuitive, Patient, Fun Approach to Student Learning and Progress
• 100% Reference able client list, 99% client satisfaction over 15 years.

We live in an ever evolving and challenging world. Living to our inner potential is what separates those who embrace life, from those who hold on for dear life. Silvia infuses fun, knowledge, variety, and purpose into each and every yoga session. Participants leave a class feeling at peace, refreshed, renewed, and reinvigorated. Class intensity and difficulty is always custom tailored to participant's abilities, goals, and progress. Participation in YogaCraze will develop and enhance your mind-body-spirit connections, removing the toxins of stress and fatigue, leaving you calm, centered, alive, and eager to pursue both your daily work and your life’s dreams.

Message from Silvia:
I cherish my students, from all walks of life: Royalty, Corporate Business Professionals, Doctors, Lawyers, Priest, Housewives, Students, Grandparents, New Mothers, Artists, Dancers, and all students who seek to develop their body, mind, and spirit connection to its full potential. I feel blessed and privileged to share yoga with my clients, and guide them in this fun and wonderful process of self discovery, here at YogaCraze.


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